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Catch the wave of wellness.

Malibu Roasting Company is positioned within the quintessential divine feminine. She is wise, yet etheric. She is mother and daughter. She is lover and beloved. She is the queen, yet lives her life in service. She is refreshingly authentic, sensual, open-hearted, bold, confident, respected, trusted, accessible and most of all…absolutely unforgettable.

Malibu Roasting Company is not bound by the earth, she ebs and flows like the ocean, summoning tidal energy to bridge heaven and humanity. She offers gifts of taste, inspiration, love, creativity, kindness and transformation. She is the great awakener. She is still as a stone, yet as fluid as the wind. She is equal parts calm and consciousness. She is pleasure. She is purpose. She is well-being.

Like choosing grapes for the finest wines, Malibu Roasting Company's coffee starts with the world’s freshest, most exquisite beans—grown in shade, at high-altitude by small family farmers who like artists, create masterpieces with their harvest. Each bean tells a story. Malibu Roasting listens, interprets and contributes deep earthy richness with alchemy and authenticity through its expert roasting, blending process and knowledge base of high-quality, health-giving additives.

Visit our WE ARE #MALIBUSTRONG page to learn more about our pledge to give 50% of our proceeds back to the Malibu community.  

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