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Catch the wave of wellness.

Cold-pressed and unrefined.

We use cold-pressed, full spectrum hemp that is organically grown. We found a source that goes the extra mile to ensure safety and quality. Our source never uses harmful gasses, solvents or heat to process and extract our oil. Solvent-based processing methods strip the plant of the true therapeutic power and creates degradation of the vitamins, minerals and therapeutic cannabinoids...the plants true potential.
The oil we use is the cleanest and purest that we could find on the market today that is grown and processed in the USA! 
Our oil uses a patented, proprietary, cold-pressed extraction method to cold-press industrial hemp, which we in turn use to create all our artesian offering. We want to provide our customers confidence knowing they are getting the purest, cleanest products on the market. 
Our offerings are non-psychoactive, derived from 100% industrial grade hemp and harvested with non-detectable levels of THC with lab testing at under 0.003%.
3rd Party Testing Files of Lab Reports, Organic Certificates, Potency Reports, and Nutritional Analysis are available upon request via info@maliburoastingcompany.com.